CHIMEHUIN Surrounded with willow-banks, riffles and drop off, create great fishing conditions.
  • The Chimehuin river begins at the Huechulaufquen Lake with its famous mouth, which is well known for its many trophy fish, near the base of the LanĂ­n Volcano. It runs for more than 40 miles until the confluence with the Collon Cura river. The river divides into the upper and lower sections; the lower Chimehuin is the most productive water to fish with some of the best mayfly and caddis hatches you can get. Willow-banks, riffles, and drop offs create great fishing conditions. The river fishes very well with every technique - dry fly, nymphing and streamers. You can fish this river from Estancia Tipiliuke, a five star fishing lodge, or you can do an overnight as well.